About Us

Our mission is to provide client-focused, evidence based, success oriented treatment and education.

To assist people with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, managing co-occurring disorders, anger issues, domestic violence, DUI, and parenting.

Driven by the belief that people can and do learn to embrace healthy, positive change when the treatment and education is provided with respect, compassion, and encouragement for success. 

Why choose BRS?

  • We are a local and small facility in Smyrna, TN
  • Since our inception we have been working with the legal system and have gradually added services that were needed in the area
  • Focus on quality services, including fulfilling various court requirements, inside TN or outside of it

Meet our team!

We currently have four people and three dogs employed full time, with some additional staff members working with us part-time or contract work.

  • Claire Alexander Umer, LMSW, QSAP
  • Kevin Hill, BS
  • Luther Bowdoin
  • Michele Bowdoin, MAAS, LADAC II, QSAP, QCS, NCAC 1
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Nina Chapman, MS
  • Robert Masters
  • Shirley Marks, MCJ, MA, LADAC, LMFT, MAC, QCS
  • Tomo Umer, MS
  • The dogs: Penelope (bloodhound), Buttermilk Biscuit (beagle) & Diana (beagle)