Also called the Women’s Batterers Intervention Program

Bowdoin Recovery Services, LLC Women’s BIP group is held weekly for women who have been charged with domestic assault or for women who want to improve their interpersonal relationships.

The group is for women only and is a minimum of 26 weeks.

Women’s GroupWhy a group just for women?

We believe that the concepts and subject matter discussed in BIP groups are such that each gender should be able to openly discuss topics specific to their individual needs. We believe that gender specific classes provide the opportunity for women who are both the aggressor and the victim to address their concerns and specific needs.

Do Women REALLY abuse their partners?

Studies of spousal and dating violence indicate that women are as likely as men to assault their partners physically. This investigation examined the issue of the initiation of physical assaults by women on their partners and the reasons offered for such behavior. Responses from 978 female college women indicate that, within a 5-year period, 20% admitted to physical aggression against their partners.

Younger women in their 20s were significantly more likely to aggress physically than women who were 30 years and above. Women stated that they expressed aggression toward their partners because they wished to engage their partner’s attention, particularly emotionally. Also, assaultive women did not believe that their victims would be seriously injured or would retaliate.

We are here to provide the tools for you to use to change behaviors that cause conflict in your relationships and to help you meet any legal requirements. Call today to schedule your confidential intake appointment you may email us for more information.

Costs for weekly groups are $25 per week after your initial $75 intake.

If you are required to attend a dual BIP/Substance Abuse class your weekly fee is only $35 and you will attend 2 hours on Saturday.

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