In most cases, going to court for charges that involve the abuse of drugs or alcohol will result in the court ordering an alcohol and drug assessment. Once you have undergone the evaluation, the court will order you to follow the treatment recommendations made by Bowdoin Recovery Services, LLC.  Keeping this in mind, you should undergo an evaluation at the earliest possible moment.

This will show the court and the prosecutor that you are taking responsibility for your actions, and will also allow you to know what the recommended treatment plan will be. We serve several attorneys who have obtained more favorable outcomes for their clients that choose this course before their court date.
There are several issues you should be aware of when setting up your appointment for an evaluation. Your actual evaluation will include an interview by our licensed counselor who will draft a written report of his or her recommendations.

Your counselor will place one of three different conditions on you.
1.  You will either be assessed to be chemically dependent upon drugs or
alcohol, or
2.  You will be assessed to be suffering from drug or alcohol abuse or
possess the potential for abuse, or
3.  It will be found that there is insufficient evidence to support a finding
that you have any problem at all with drugs or alcohol.

If the counselor determines there is insufficient evidence of a problem, you may be able to attend a one-day alcohol and drug school at our office.
We also provide reasonably priced weekly Substance Abuse Education classes.
If you choose to attend classes with us after having an assessment, we will waive your intake fee.

Cost for Assessment: $125

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