Bowdoin Recovery Services, LLC has been providing exceptional, professional counseling and educational services to the citizens of Middle Tennessee since 2005.

Owner Michele Bowdoin is a Nationally Certified and State of Tennessee Licensed Addictions Counselor, a Department of Transportation qualified Substance Abuse Professional, a certified Prime for Life Instructor, and a Qualified Clinical Supervisor for those seeking to licensing as substance abuse counselors.

Michele has been working with families and as a Parenting educator specializing in child abuse prevention for 20 years, served as the Parenting Specialist for a Nashville nonprofit organization, and has over 16 years of experience in the field of addiction. She has worked with gender specific programs and in treatment and in therapeutic communities.

Michele has extensive experience working with the Tennessee Department of Corrections as program director. She has facilitated Anger Management, Parenting, Batterer’s Intervention Program groups, and Substance Abuse Educational groups for various agencies and in our practice since 2000. She is patient, understanding, and has a caring and professional presence and loves working with people and helping them reach their personal goals.


  • To help you to meet and exceed your personal progress goals.
  • To help insure that you fulfill any and all legal/court/probation requirements you have.
  • Provide you with skilled, professional, state of the art, proven methods and curriculum.
  • Teach you techniques which you will use to change your thinking and eventually change patterns of behavior that you want to work on.
  • Provide you with new tools for success which you can use in various situations in your daily life to help build a stronger and healthier foundation.


Our primary method to help bring about change is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on present thinking, behavior, and communication rather than on past experiences and is oriented toward problem solving. Cognitive therapy has been applied to a broad range of problems including substance use disorders, anger and domestic violence.

We provide monthly progress reports to court officers, probation, and attorneys. We provide verification of enrollment by letter as soon as you enroll in one of our programs. Upon completion of a class we send a completion letter and a copy of your original certificate of program completion.

Our staff is passionate about serving your needs and is committed to professionalism and excellence. Every person that we speak to on the phone or meet in our office is important to us and receives VIP treatment.

We have a passion for helping people learn new skills and we believe that recovery is possible AND that every person can make positive life changes when shown new, different and proven tools.